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About Interface Masters Technologies, Inc.

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and high speed networking markets. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Interface Masters' expertise lies in Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet network access and network connectivity solutions that integrate with monitoring systems, inline networking appliances, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances.

Flagship product lines include PacketMastersspecialized server adapter cards, Bypass NICs, Smart NICs, Managed Switches, Intelligent Network TAP and Intelligent Active Bypass and Failover systems that increase network visibility capabilities, network reliability and inline appliance availability.

Company Headquarters is located in San Jose, CA with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Europe.


Extensive QA process which guarantees high quality products including:

  • Functional test
  • 48 hours of burn in
  • Power cycle test
  • Four corner
  • Extensive reliability testing
  • Highly-Accelerated Life Testing - HALT

Over 100 Years of combined engineering experience with expertise in:

  • Design & development of high speed networking systems
  • Bypass, TAP and PacketMaster network products for monitoring market
  • High quality manufacturing (in USA)
  • Professional Services for Custom designs
  • Very dedicated, customer-oriented support team
  • Extensive QA process for guaranteed high quality products

Close relationship with Leading CPU and Switch vendors
Silicon Partners include: Intel, Cavium, Broadcom, Vitesse, plus others.

Company Headquarters in San Jose, California with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Europe.

We are going 'Green'!

We are going “Green”!
Interface Masters is dedicated to exceptional corporate citizenship, and we are focused on the implementation of lead-free and RoHS compliant technology. Currently all products manufactured by Interface Masters are RoHS compliant. We are dedicated to protecting the environment, providing a safe and healthy workplace and utilizing industry-leading manufacturing practices for environmental responsibility and sustainability. We are going “Green”!

Environmental Goals

Our Commitment

Interface Masters is committed to minimize impact on the environment. As a partner to many of the world's leading brands, Interface Masters is dedicated to being an environmentally responsible partner in the communities in which we operate by ensuring safe, efficient and environmentally conscious operating and manufacturing processes. Our commitment is demonstrated through our day-to-day operations which support environmentally sound practices. We have aligned our sustainability goals around five major elements: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, reducing and recycling waste, managing end-of-life materials, and complying with product-level environmental legislations. These are areas in which we can drive the most significant improvements to our environmental footprint. Supporting our customers in meeting their environmental goals is a major consideration as we plan activities within each of the focus areas of our environmental sustainability program. These elements are controlled through an environmental management system, which is a structured approach to identifying priorities, improving performance and monitoring results.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We are committed to reducing Interface Master's GHG emissions by making our global operations more energy efficient and implementing conservation initiatives.

Interface Masters continues to turn off and unplug all electronic devices that are not in use. Interface Masters has begun reduction of energy intensities to reduce scope 2 emissions. We are also committed to reduce GHG's emitted by company owned vehicles by keeping routine checks up to date and optimizing the number of vehicles.

Conserving Water

While Interface Masters’ operations do not consume a great deal of water, we recognize that water is a critical resource that has become increasingly scarce in many parts of the world due to pollution and mismanagement. Even small quantities of impurities can make surface and underground water sources unsuitable for consumption, agricultural or recreational use.

We strive to minimize our demand for water through conservation activities and by finding alternatives for equipment that consumes high volumes of water. Where wastewater disposal is required, we take careful steps to ensure that wastewater discharge meets regulatory requirements and will not result in surface or groundwater pollution.

Reducing and recycling waste

Interface Masters strives to reduce the amount of non-hazardous waste destined for landfills. We do this by reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. When disposal is required, we ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly.

Our largest sources of non-hazardous waste include packaging materials such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) bags, bubble wrap, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam and corrugated cardboard. Other sources include plastic component trays and tubes, food waste, paper and beverage containers.

Managing end-of-life materials

The environmental impact of the growing waste stream of unwanted electronic equipment is becoming widely recognized as a global issue. End-of-life material management involves the non-manufacture of materials to prepare them for recycling and reuse. Interface Master's goal is to demonstrate environmental leadership in this area, thereby protecting our customers' brands and supporting their commitment to the environment.

Complying with product-level environmental legislation

In recent years, many governments have established regulations designed to address concerns regarding exposure to toxic substances, as well as the growing electronic waste stream. Due to the complexity of some of this legislation, environmental compliance is becoming an increasingly challenging task for companies in the electronics industry.

Interface Masters has taken a proactive leadership approach to developing solutions that help our customers' products meet global compliance requirements in advance of legislative deadlines.