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TAP Systems

TAP Systems Features

Active TAP Product Matrix Passive TAP Product Matrix

Plug and play – no driver required, no development time necessary on software side

Enables bi directional network links to be aggregated to 2 monitoring ports or one direction of traffic to be sent to one monitoring port and the other direction of traffic sent to the other monitoring port

Supports up to 4 TAP segments in a 1U form factor

Many-to-one TAP support

One-to-Many TAP support

Supports packet injection from monitoring appliances

Supports passive bypass when there is no power

Remote WEB Managability, sophisticated software features (i.e. security, authentication, logs

Can support fiber to copper conversion without delay (i.e. network side can be fiber and can connect to a copper appliance)

Supports 1G, 10G and 40G options

Up to 10 Segments of Passive TAP in a 1U form factor

Full duplex, zero packet loss, passive Monitoring

Flexible Optical Split Ratio options

Supports LC connectors

No power required

Supports 1G and 10G options