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External Bypass

External Bypass Features

Active Passive

Plug and Play - no driver required, no development time necessary on software side

On system crash, active bypass feature re-routes the traffic seamlessly while maintaining network link (zero delay; zero packet loss)

If an inline networking appliance has a HW malfunction and needs to be replaced, the active bypass feature will enable the capability of taking off the appliance for maintenance or replacement without bringing the network down

Requires power to allow active bypass to function; also supports passive bypass as well when there is no power

Remote Web Manageability, sophisticated software features (i.e. security, authentication, logs)

Can support fiber to copper conversion without delay (i.e. network side can be fiber and can connect to a copper appliance to support bypass functionality when the system goes down)

Supports 1G, 10G and 40G options

This is governed by an internal mechanical (or optical) switch - this switch closes on instances of power failure (when active bypass is not available) and preserves the network integrity. In this case the network link is lost and a re-negotiation is required, which usually takes a couple of seconds

Works in absence of power

Supports 1G and 10G options