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Niagara 2294 | External Active Bypass for Gigabit Ethernet | Desktop Form Factor Active Bypass for 1 Gigabit Ethernet


Niagara 2294 is a Low Cost, Compact form factor, Gigabit Ethernet, External Active Bypass Switch. The active bypass enables plug and play connectivity, includes an auto heartbeat, and does not require additional drivers to be installed on connected appliances. The unit possesses management functionality that can be utilized via an extensive web GUI or CLI enabling flexibility and multiple configurations.

The Niagara 2294 passive bypass feature automatically switches the network traffic upon power failure of an attached in-line device, preserving network connectivity.

When Niagara 2294 detects an appliance malfunction such as a software crash, system failure or loss of power, the in-line traffic continues to flow through the network link, but is no longer routed through the in-line device. This ensures that network devices can be removed and replaced without network downtime or packet loss. Once the system is back up or the power is restored to the appliance, network traffic is seamlessly diverted back to the in-line device, allowing it to resume its critical functions.