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Niagara 904 | Quad Port 10GBASE-T to 10GE Fiber Converter | Desktop Form Factor Option

Product Overview

Niagara 904 is a quad port 10GBASE-T to 10GBASE-R media converter. The product allows the leveraging of infrastructure investment by converting 10GBASE-R to 10GBASE-T bi-directionally with no packet loss. The Niagara 904 is being offered in a tabletop form factor which can be rackmounted. The media converter comes with SFP+ multi mode or SFP+ single mode media and the 10GBASE-T media can be used and deployed over both new Category 6A as well as installed Category 6 UTP copper Ethernet cabling. The Niagara 904 is designed to integrate with testing appliances, datacenter servers, UTM, Firewall, WAN Acceleration, QoS, IPS, IDS and Enterprise IT security appliances.